The easiest way is to visit our website, scroll to the bottom of the first page and click on the orange Donate Now button. This will take you to a form to fill in your pledge amount. Then click the Give Multiple Times selection and fill in how you want to make your pledge and the starting date. Then fill in your email address and click continue.

On the next page, you enter your credit or debit card information. You can also choose to make payments from your checking account by selecting the bank account option. If you choose, you can enable the option at the bottom of the page which increases your donation to offset our processing costs.

On the final page, click the option to create an account. This will allow you to manage your pledge. You then set up your own password which you will have to remember. In the future, you can click on the Sign In link at the top right of the donation form to manage your pledge.

If you use a smartphone or tablet, there is also an app that you can download to manage your pledge. Go to your app store and download the Abundant Giving app. Open it and scroll to find Parish of St. John the Baptist (look for our logo St. John's logo). Sign in to your account as above to view your eGiving history and manage your scheduled giving.