Our Traditions


Because we are located on the campus of the Oregon Episcopal School, we tend to follow the academic year in our annual planning. So, in a very real and practical sense, September marks the beginning of a new year for us.

There is definitely a sense of renewed energy and purpose when we see our students, faculty, administrators, and parents returning to the church school after a time of refreshment, travel, and rest. It’s truly a time of renewal, start up, greeting of friends new and old, and a new beginning.

Elsewhere in this web page you will see descriptions of the theme of learning for each month of the new year beginning this month and continuing the way to the end of the school year next spring. Consider attending the adult forum as it meets most Sundays after the 10:00am service, sometimes featuring members of our church who speak of faith in the pursuit of their own careers and vocations.

This may the time that you will return to church after a seasonal (or longer) absence. This may be a time in your life that you will seek, and find, solace and encouragement through excellent music, worship, and preaching. This may also be the time that you will choose to seek a new spiritual path in a church whose tradition welcomes diversity.

You can find a schedule of services on the home page. We look forward to welcoming you.