Holy Innocents (Pre-K – Grade 5)

The Holy Innocents class uses Feasting on the Word Multi-Age curriculum. Feasting on the Word introduces Biblical, historical, and moral topics from the Sunday Gospel that are reinforced through age-appropriate, hands-on activities. The class begins in the sanctuary, when children sit with their parents during announcements. Following a clergy prayer for the children of St. John’s, they are led in procession to the Holy Innocent classroom in the undercroft. The the children gather at a designated altar in this room.

Beginning with a short worship service, teachers point out that religious education involves not only the mind, but also the body, heart, and soul. Consequently, during the classroom liturgy, the children light altar candles, ring a bell, and share silence. Then a student officiates an opening prayer, prayers of the people, and a concluding prayer. Worship ends with extinguishing the candles.

Worship is immediately followed by the Sunday lesson presented by a team of teachers, who divide the class into a Pre-K to grade 2 group and Grade 3 to 5 group for hands-on activities. This multi-aged, one-room schoolhouse model allows the children to participate in the Gospel in age-appropriate ways. Church School concludes in time for the children to join their families and prepare for Holy Communion.