Confirm not Conform (CnC)


Year-Long Confirmation Program for Middle & High School Students

Rather than imparting information from the outside, Confirm not Conform explores the beliefs and questions that come from the youth themselves. The debate and discussion sparked by the students ignites their faith into something lively and real. CnC takes the idealism and skepticism that co-exist in young people and uses that energy to help youth become engaged with their faith and their community. We kick off with a day-long retreat in September. Then CnC meets twice a month at different Episcopal parishes in the city. These bi-monthly sessions include going on field trips, working with mentors, studying liturgies of different world religions, and designing and implementing a service project. In the spring, the Bishop invites the participants to be confirmed. Information such as a calendar of classes and the Commitment Pledge are posted on our website as well as announced on our Faith in Action blog. Commitment Pledge cards will be received by the clergy during a Sunday 10am service at St. John’s.