Church School Programs

Children and Youth at St. John the Baptist

At St. John’s, we understand that children are being formed by their every conversation, relationship, and experience. Rarely, however, do many children hear and experience the most important formation: that at their very core God loves them. For this reason, St. John’s views Christian education as the life-long process of learning what it means to be blessed and to be a member of a community practicing faith, hope, and love. Through an accessible study of scripture and tradition, through life experiences shared, and through reflection on worship, we present stories of faith and learn from the youth.

We offer three parish programs to support the youngest members of St. John’s and help families grow in faith: Church School, Rite III Service, and Confirm not Conform. Family social events like a summer picnic, Advent wreath making, a Christmas pageant, an Easter Egg hunt, and service-learning projects complement children’s and youth ministries.

  • Nursery – Birth to 4 years
  • Children’s Corner – Pre-K to 5th grade
  • Rite 3 Service – Typically held on the 3rd Sunday at the 10:00 service
  • Confirm not Conform – A diocese-wide 9 month confirmation program

Please register your child formally by filling out a St. John the Baptist registration card. It is essential to specify any medical conditions or learning needs that teachers should know about your child. You’ll also find a photo release statement for you to indicate whether or not you are willing to have your child’s picture (without name) posted on our website or other external publicity.

If you have any questions please contact The Rev. Marianne Allison or the Church Office.